Condo Or Single-Family Home – What Should I Buy?

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Condo Or Single Family Home

For many folks, purchasing a house is a goal. Many people envision a single-family home as their dream residence, however, buying a condo certainly has it's benefits as well. Should you buy a condo, or single-family home? Here are some pros and cons of each to help you decide which one is right for you.



  • Generally very affordable
  • Often have amenities (pool, gym, etc.)
  • No landscaping or maintenance
  • Offer increased security


  • Lack of privacy
  • Association rules & regulations
  • Monthly fees to cover maintenance


Purchasing a condo is perfect for first-time home owners, as the general cost of a condo is less than a single family home. Because of there is little to no exterior maintenance required, they also appeal to the elderly and retired.

Furthermore, most condos provide access to amenities – such as gyms, pools, and recreation equipment. Some people invest in condos, and earn extra income by renting out. 

However, there are drawbacks of condo living. The shared amenities and close proximity of neighbors may not be preferable to those who want privacy. And while condo owners aren't responsible for maintenance and repairs, there are typically monthly fee to cover for it.

Condo owners are also subject to the regulations and restrictions set by the condo association. For instance there may be restriction on pets, and what renovations you can make in your unit.

Single-family Home


  • Everything about the house is yours
  • More privacy
  • No association fees, unless in a planned or gated community


  • May not include on-property amenities
  • Not always affordable
  • You are responsible for all landscaping & repairs


With a single family home, everything about the property is yours. With the exception of HOA regulations of gated communities, there are no rules or limitations to your ownership.

Owning a house the owner usually gets to choose what to do with it. For instance, you can make any number of changes and renovations to create your dream home, unlike condos. Homeownership is also a great investment into your future, and you may rent or sell the property as you choose.

While buying a home is a great feeling, there are also a few drawbacks. As the owner of a single family home, you will be responsible for all landscaping, and repairs. And while increased privacy has it's perks, the property is not guaranteed to come with all the amenities (pool, gym, etc.) 

Saving up for a house may also take longer, as the upfront costs of buying a home are usually much more than buying a condo. If you choose a gated community, HOA regulations may prevent you from making certain changes such as landscaping.

Condo Or Single Family Home - Which One Is For You?

There are many factors to consider when deciding between a condo or a single family home. It basically comes down to preference - either one can be the right fit for the right family. To make the most informed decision, all homebuyers should compare the pros and cons of each, and reflect on which one would suit their lifestyle best.


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