Home Seller Tips

Home Seller Tips

If you want to sell your home, there are several simple improvements you can do to speed up the selling process, and get the most for your home. Use these home seller tips to get your house in showcase condition!
Here’s a checklist to help you get started:


In preparation for selling and moving out, it’s never too soon, sort, throw out, recycle, or sell the things that you don’t want to take with you. You can also start packing - anything that you won't be using before moving day can be boxed.

Add Curb Appeal

First impressions do matter! Don't underestimate the importance of curb appeal. Trim the bushes, mow the lawn and sweep the sidewalks for a welcoming, cared-for look. Repair or replace missing roof shingles, cracked panes, damaged screens, and rusty hardware.

Repair Minor Flaws

Make sure all your plumbing and electrical is in working order. (No drippy faucets and missing lightbulbs!) Adjust or lubricate squeaky and hard-to-open doors, windows, drawers. Fix any loose trim and replace broken hardware.

Clean The House

Clean, scrub and polish: Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, make sure your home is sparkling clean. Polish all wood or vinyl flooring, vacuum and spot-treat all the carpeting. Scrub the appliances inside and out.

Wipe the walls, doors and woodwork. Washing the windows will add sparkle to any room. Empty the trash, and wash up any dirty dishes. Keep the clutter off the kitchen counters. Deodorize smoke, mildew and pet odors - buyers will notice strong smells as soon as they walk through your door.

In the bathrooms, remove clutter from the vanity and scrub the sinks, tub, and toilet. Polish mirrors, fill the soap dispenser, and set out fresh towels. Buy new shower curtains; old ones are often spotted with mildew. 

Invite rest and tranquility to the bedrooms by removing the clutter, dusting the furniture, and making the bed with attractive linens. Pick up any dirty laundry and straighten the closets.

Add Homey Touches

A clean homey space sells the home! Add little touches to each room: it doesn’t cost much, but goes a long way to improving your home’s appeal. 

Some ways to create a friendly inviting atmosphere:

  • Open the curtains to let in the sunshine - keep the rooms bright and light.
  • Arrange books, photos, and plants on the tables or shelves.
  • Turn on lamps and accent lighting.
  • Set bowls of fruit on the kitchen countertop.
  • Add logs to the fireplace, and interesting magazines to the coffee table.
  • Arrange decorative pillows and throw blankets on the couches and beds.
  • Turn off the TV and all entertainment units.
  • Light a candle in the bathroom for a spa-like feel.
  • Clear everything out of the garage that you don't need, and neatly arrange storage in boxes.
  • Dark or dingy spaces can be brightened with fresh paint - choose white or warm neutrals.

The goal is to put your best foot forward and portray an inviting and well-maintained home. For more home seller tips and suggestions, see Home Preparation.


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